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Global School of Theology
& Cape Theological Seminary

Please Note: We are moving to a new curriculum for 2017. We not enrolling new students in the BA and MA programmes,but current students may continue working through their programmes. The new programmes for 2017 will be announced at the begining of August. Thank you.

Why Choose GST Western Cape to Study?

1. We are accredited -- not just in South Africa, but internationally (See the statement at the bottom of the page.)

2. You receive an in-depth and balanced study of God’s Word and theology.

3. GSTWC cares about both your mind and spirit. If you want to grow spiritually, emotionally and socially, GSTWC is the place to study!

4. We are a distance education school, but you can also sign up for our block classes. Working with a facilitator will help you complete the subject and add depth to your studies.

The school is multi-cultural. We have students from several African countries along with students from Europe, East Asia, and South and North America. Meet with other GSTWC students at our seminars and block classes!

6. GSTWC is a small school. If you come by the school for materials or join us for a block class, you will soon know everyone on campus from your instructors (have lunch or tea with them, if you want), to the Campus Director. We are not just a school. We are a community.
Global School of Theology South Africa is accredited and registered with the Department of Education as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Registration Certificate No. 2004/HF10/01). Global School of Theology South Africa degrees are recognised both nationally and internationally through our relationship with Global University in the USA. 
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